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International Space Station Official Build - Pack 1 Options
#1 Posted : 25 January 2024 21:34:54
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Hi All, BigGrin

Its "launch" time for the Official Build of the International Space Station (ISS).

Pack 1 "landed" this morning and I "launched" straight into it. LOL LOL LOL

That`s the last of the (bad) jokes "I promise" just couldn`t resist. Blink

All references to sections of the ISS have been drawn from the picture available on the following link:


Pack 1 contains the first two issues and for a first pack there is quite a bit to do.

Something to note, especially for those building this kit. Both issues include a screwdriver. In issue 1 it is a fully metallic and magnetised tip tool with a swivel top and a NASA logo. Cool In issue 2 you are supplied with the standard screwdriver with the black plastic handle and the magnetised tip. Just as an addition, the instructions also tell you which screwdriver to use with each screw and I will add that information into this build to save the too and fro from the instructions.

Issue 1 parts ..... Pic 1.

All screws are inserted with the supplied screwdriver.Flapper

Now for some reason the instructions do not tell you which section of the ISS you are building, so after some investigation I will try to assist.

The small black parts build up the Pressurised Mating Adapter #1 (PMA1)

Take the metal bar (A) and the part (1B) which is part of the Pressurised Mating Adapter #1 as shown in Pic 2. Then place "1B" under the metal bar "A" and fix it in place using an AS5 screw as shown in Pic 3. Now press fit the second half of the "PMA" (1A) as per Pic 4.

We now move onto the construction of the Functional Cargo Block (FCB).

Press fit parts 2B and 2C into part 2D as per the orientation shown in Pic 5. Then position that assembly underneath the metal bar "A" as per pic 6. Now fit part "2A" on the topside of the bar and clamp the two parts together using an AS5 screw. Pic 7. The construction at this stage is shown in Pic 8.

Familiarise yourself with part "2i". Pic 9.

Four parts are attached to "2i", they are parts "2 E,F,G and H". As they are a fairly tight fit I placed them as shown in Pic 10. Turn the parts over and secure the parts "2E-H" using 8 x AS5 screws as shown in Pic 11.

Pic 12 shows the completed Issue 1. The solar panel is not used in Issue 2, so store it very carefully and have the other two constructions to hand when you start Issue 2.

My apologies for the length of this part of the build, but I want to get in as much detail as possible to make your build easier.

See you soon for Issue 2.

(Derek) Admin
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#2 Posted : 28 January 2024 16:35:28
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Hi All, BigGrin

Here we go with Issue 2 of the ISS, where we will extend and add to the assemblies of issue 1. Cool

Please Note: along with the parts supplied, you are also given a second screwdriver (black handled). During this issue the silver screwdriver is used for "AS" type screws and the new black handled screwdriver for "MS" type screws.

Parts supplied .....Pic 1.

Start, by press fitting parts "2K and 2L into 2M" (supplied in this issue) making sure that they are orientated as shown in Pic 2. Then slide this assembly onto the bar "B". Note the end of the bar has two small holes in it (circled) and the position of the flat edge of "2K". Pic 3.

Next, (alongside the last assembly) bring the two assemblies from Issue 1 back to the table. Position the two bars together and secure them with 2 X MS4 screws. Pic 4. Then position the bar inside of the assembly from issue 1, ensuring that part "2M" engages with the main body part. Secure the bar inside the main body part using an "MS4" screw. Pic 5. Now construct the second side of the main body, by adding parts "2N/2O to 2T" Pic 6. Then secure them with 3 x AS5 screws Pic 7.

Now, having checked the orientation, fit parts "2P,Q,R and S" into the main assembly on the bar as shown in Pic 8. Then place the second half of the main body onto the main assembly and secure it with 4 X MS4 screws. Pic 9. To complete this side of the body insert an AS5 screw as shown in Pic 10 and press fit parts "2U" and "2V" in place. Pic 11.

Finally, press fit the last three details into place. "2W" needs to be clicked into place at both ends. One under the cylinder and one under the square with the black circle on it. Parts "2X and Y" can only fit in one orientation. Pic 12.

That concludes this Issue/Pack. Hope to see you soon for Pack 2. Pic 13. Cool Cool

(Derek) Admin

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